buki Sanbanso

This is a celebratory piece and often played at New Years. It is said that this piece preserves the old Sarugaku performance style.

ACT 10 ' Amagasaki' of Ehon Taikoki
Akechi Mitsuhide was a general under Oda Harunaga but rebelled against his lord. He hid in a small cottage in Amagasaki with his mother Satsuki and wife Misao.

When Jujiro, a son of Mitsuhide, came to get permission from his parents to join the force, his grandmother realized that Jujiro was ready to die. Then she held a wedding ceremony of her grandson and his fiancé Hatsugiku.

A retainer of Oda Harunaga came to take vengeance on Mitsuhide. Mitsuhide became aware of it and made a bamboo spear to kill his enemy.  He thought he stabbed the enemy through a paper door, but it was his mother.  With the dying breath, she pled Mitsuhide not to go to the war but he turned the deaf year.

ACT 'Jureiuta' of Keisei Awa no Naruto
This is a heartrending scene of a mother and a daughter. The daughter had traveled to look for her mother from whom she was separated when she was an infant. Finally they met by accident, but the mother for certain reasons, could not reveal herself to her daughter.

ACT 7 'Nagatsubone' of Kagamiyama Kokyo no nishikie
The high class female servant Iwafuji was a malicious person. She disliked Onoe, a middle class female servant. One day Iwafuji beat Onoe with a sandal in public. Onoe decided to commit suicide but her maid Ohatsu interceded and tried to prevent. But while she was sent to Onoe’s mother, Onoe committed suicide. When Ohatsu came back and found Onoe’s body, she grieved deeply. She decided to avenge her master and took vengeance on Iwafuji. This story was made from a true incident happened in the Edo residence of Hamada domain.

○The greengrocer's daughter, Oshichi

This story is based on a true incident.
Oshichi was a greengrocer's daughter in the Edo period. After her house was burnt down in the great fire in winter, she lived temporarily in a temple. During her stay in the temple Oshichi met Kichisaburo, who was of a samurai family, and they fell in love.
Kichisaburo failed in a situation that he might have to commit seppuku(ritual suicide), following his lord who lost a valuable sword which was ready to be offered to the Emperor. It was customary at that time.
Just after Kichisaburo left to go to the court, Oshichi found the sword. She rushed to the samurai area, but the area was enclosed and all gates ware sealed.
What she did was to climb the ladder to the fire tower, and made a big sound expecting the gate to open.
At that time, the action of ringing the fire bell without a fire deserved the death penalty. Nevertheless, Oshichi kept ringing just for the sake of saving Kichisaburo's life.


Sawaichi and Osato were a poor but happy married couple. Sawaichi was a blind shamisen tutor, and Osato made kimonos for a living.
As Osato started to come home very late, Sawaichi became suspicious. One day, when he found out that his wife had visited Tsubosaka-dera temple to pray for his eye's recovery, he felt very shameful.
So he decided to practice Buddhism at the temple. He was alone there and deeply reflected on himself. He thought Osato would be unhappy with him. Such a hopeless feeling made him commit suicide. He jumped off a cliff, and Osato followed when she found out about it.
On the valley floor, Kannon (Buddha of mercy) appeared to give rebirth to the two adherents. When Osato was reborn and found Sawaichi's eyes were open, she was delighted and they felt gratitude towards the Kannon.



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